An integral part of Dyna-Mic’s feedback reduction technology is our gasket system. Our Harp-Gasket and Pro-Gaskets use your harmonicas to essentially seal the Dyna-Mic chamber. This protects the mic element from feedback inducing frequencies.

In developing the gasket over the last three years we have found that the tighter the gasket fits your harmonica, the more volume you can get before feedback occurs. For this reason in addition to our standard Harp-Gasket that fits 80% of commercially available harmonicas, we are also offering a range of Pro-Gaskets that are tailored to fit your favorite model of harmonica like a glove.

Our range of Pro-Gaskets is also perfect for you if you are using non standard shaped harmonics, such as Golden Melodys and non magnetic harmonicas, such as Suzuki Promasters. Please check out the full list of available Pro-Gaskets on the product page, for more information on this.