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Game changer, I can’t speak highly enough about it and that’s having made a few Mics myself.
Roger Nelson, Victoria, Australia.
I am blown out by your inventions. Hand held sounds on a rack!
Don Hopkins, Sydney, Australia.
The best mic I have ever played.
Chris DePino, CT, USA
Being too loud at a jam is a first for me. Thanks Dyna-Mic!
Len Jordan, Ontario, Canada
Just finished my first gig with it!!!!!!! A game changer!! What a mike!!
N.C Lawler, Dublin, Ireland.
All the nuances of breath & playing is captured with a really dynamic sound and tone!
Fred Brindisi, Ferrarra, Italy
I love that I’m free to move around the stage. The Dyna-Mic is awesome!!!
Jeff Obermann, Canada
With my MS gaining strength and me loosing it, the ease of playing with the Dyna-Mic helps level up the playing field.
Mark Gibson, Colorado, USA
Can hardly believe the quality!! The precision and craftsmanship!!! I can’t thank you enough!
N.C Lawler, Dublin, Ireland.
I have to say I love mine. It's easy to hold, the controls are easy to use, the sounds are amazing!
Dan Stonerook, PA, USA