Dyna-Mic: Firebird Model


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Dyna-Mic Firebird with your choice of output jack and *Pro-Gasket. Please make your selections below.

*Scroll down for more information.

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There are two models of Dyna-Mic, the Classic and the Firebird. Both have all the benefits of a Dyna-Mic when it comes to feedback rejection, tone, and ease of use. The differentiating factor between the two models is contained in the pre-amp.

The pre-amp built into a Dyna-Mic Firebird is a switchable two-stage pre-amp. The first stage is a clean stage, with just a touch of saturated overdrive built in. The second stage is an overdrive boost stage. This second stage delivers a lot of saturated overdrive and a simultaneous volume boost, in the same way, a boost pedal would. The amount of overdrive is customizable by the user, via a small pot located inside the unit.

The Dyna-Mic Firebird with its extra gain stage is ideal for players wanting that over-driven blues sound without the need for additional effects pedals, or amplifiers.

Currently includes your choice of Pro-Gasket Only. I am sold out of the standard Harp Gasket until mid-2023.

Firebird Features:

  • Overdrive Boost Switch (Adjustable)
  • Volume Control
  • Mute Switch
  • Magnets for Steady-Rack Attachment
  • Choice of Pro-Gasket


*Postage is flat rate from Australia, via Australia post.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 3 × 1.25 in
Volume Control

A high quality volume control

Mute Switch

Our onboard mute switch means you do not need to change your volume settings when changing out harmonicas, or when your Dyna-Mic is not in use.

Overdrive Boost

Our adjustable overdrive boost allows switching between your clean tone to an overdriven blues tone. The overdrive level can be adjusted on the inside of your Dyna-Mic.

Available Colors

Red, Black, Blue

Output Jack Options

3.5mm Locking, 1/4 Inch Barrel

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