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The Dyna-Mic Steady-Rack.

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Because Dyna-Mic can be used hands free and still sound absolutely amazing we have spent a lot of time developing a ‘rack’ to hold the microphone in a way that is functional, secure and good looking. We call it the Steady-Rack!

The Steady-Rack has three sets of adjusting teeth which allow you to place your Dyna-Mic at exactly the right angle for your playing style. Then once you get it in place, it will not move until you want it to.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 1 in
Light Weight

Made from aluminum, the steady-rack is light yet sturdy.

Highly Adjustable

With three axis points, instead of the standard two found in most harmonica racks. The Steady-Rack enables you to find just the right angle for your playing style.

Locking Teeth

The small teeth found on all pivot points mean your Dyna-Mic or harmonica will not move away while you are playing.

Magnetic Coupling

High powered magnets hold your Dyna-Mic (or harmonica) in place, giving a secure hold with easy attachment.