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Dyna-Mic is a revolutionary harmonica microphone with patented feedback reducing technology that offers classic bullet sounds and bluesy overdrive with the flick of a switch. By having our Pre-Amp and tone circuit built into the mic itself, we’ve opened up the exiting new world of tone, boost, (adjustable) overdrive, mute and volume controls all right at your fingertips, and that’s just the beginning.

Our patented Harp-Gasket system removes the need to use your hands to cup the mic, and means that anyone, of any age, or playing level, can pick up a Dyna-Mic and unleash their sound!

Combine this with the fact a Dyna-Mic can be plugged directly into a P.A or recording console and sound absolutely amazing, and you have the ultimate mic for harmonica, able to deliver great tone in every situation!

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The Rack

Paired together with your Dyna-Mic our Steady-Rack will bring unparalleled hands free control, with all the functionality of a hand held mic and more. The rack itself is light weight yet sturdy and features 3

The Controls

All Dyna-Mics come stock with a high quality volume control, a mute switch and choice of either a locking 3.5mm (pictured), Switchcraft 2501 or 1/4 inch output jack. In addition there's an adjustable overdrive boost

The Gasket

An integral part of Dyna-Mic's patented feedback reduction technology is our Harp-Gasket. Now there's no more need to spend years mastering your cupping technique. You can play with just one hand, or hands free, turn

The Mic

The Dyna-Mic is a condenser microphone, with an inbuilt pre-amp designed specifically for harmonica. The pre-amp itself determines the sound color of the microphone and is available clean on our Classic model or with adjustable