Dyna-Mic’s revolutionary design collects all the sound from your harmonica while rejecting external sounds that impede on your tone and cause feedback. This brings an even response across your entire harmonica, with all notes sounding clearly, and at equal volume, from low to high.

Before Dyna-Mic, if a harmonica player wanted to achieve great tone like this and stop feedback, he or she would need to cup their hands around the harmonica and microphone simultaneously in an airtight fashion. This is known as the ‘art of cupping’ in harmonica playing circles and can take years to fully master.

Our patented Harp-Gasket system removes this learning curve and means that anyone, of any age, or playing level, can pick up a Dyna-Mic and unleash their sound. This brings many advantages to the harmonica player looking to use a harmonica holder, or any player wanting to mitigate feedback and produce great tone.

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Game changer, I can’t speak highly enough about it and that’s having made a few Mics myself.

Roger Nelson, Victoria, Australia.

I am blown out by your inventions. Hand held sounds on a rack!

Don Hopkins, Sydney, Australia.

The best mic I have ever played.

Chris DePino, CT, USA

Being too loud at a jam is a first for me. Thanks Dyna-Mic!

Len Jordan, Ontario, Canada

Just finished my first gig with it!!!!!!! A game changer!! What a mike!!

N.C Lawler, Dublin, Ireland.

All the nuances of breath & playing is captured with a really dynamic sound and tone!

Fred Brindisi, Ferrarra, Italy

I love that I’m free to move around the stage. The Dyna-Mic is awesome!!!

Jeff Obermann, Canada

With my MS gaining strength and me loosing it, the ease of playing with the Dyna-Mic helps level up the playing field.

Mark Gibson, Colorado, USA

Can hardly believe the quality!! The precision and craftsmanship!!! I can’t thank you enough!

N.C Lawler, Dublin, Ireland.

I have to say I love mine. It’s easy to hold, the controls are easy to use, the sounds are amazing!

Dan Stonerook, PA, USA

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The Steady-Rack

Because Dyna-Mic can be used hands free and still sound absolutely amazing we have spent a lot of time developing a 'rack' to hold the microphone in a way that is functional & secure.

The Controls

By having our custom pre-amp and tone circuit built into the Dyna-Mic itself, we've opened up the exiting new world of having tone, boost, overdrive, mute and volume controls all right at your fingertips.

The Gasket

An integral part of Dyna-Mic's feedback reduction technology is our gasket system. Our Harp-Gasket and Pro-Gaskets use your harmonicas to essentially seal the Dyna-Mic chamber. This protects the mic element from feedback inducing frequencies.

The Dyna-Mic

A Dyna-Mic's semi-circular sound chamber is designed to mate perfectly with any of our available Harp or Pro-gaskets. When combined, an airtight sound chamber is formed which collects all the sound from your harmonica.

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